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When did sales and marketing become so impersonal?

Wishful is on a mission to help companies achieve genuine and long-lasting relationships with their customers and prospects. We make it easy for companies to send thoughtful and meaningful gifts with just a few clicks.


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How we help

Wishful's platform supports sales & marketing teams in a variety of use cases:

Boost reply rates on cold email outreach

Break through the digital noise by easily attaching a targeted gift to your cold outreach email sequences.

Enrich relationships with existing customers

There's nothing better than word-of-mouth marketing done right. Wishful helps you make existing customers feel special with targeted gifts that delight.

Book more meetings with your event attendees

Most webinars result in zero meetings booked. We help you connect better with your attendees via gift-enabled follow ups.

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Gift-enabled personalization. A meaningful touch for sales & marketing teams.


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