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Targeted gifting that humanizes your sales process.

So your revenue team can book more meetings.


Our Approach

Wishful is on a mission to help companies achieve genuine and long-lasting relationships with their customers. The modern day sales organization relies on mass emails and impersonal touches that yield single-digit reply rates. Wishful takes a different approach: use targeted and meaningful gifts throughout your sales funnel to delight customers and prospects!

Gifting & outbound sales

Is your cold email outreach falling flat? Is your message getting lost in the hurricane of digital noise? Our sales outreach tools allow you to easily include a targeted gift with your outbound emails.

Gifting & account management

Empower your account execs by allowing them to seamlessly send targeted gifts to existing customers. Nothing says 'thank you' for being a loyal customer like a personalized gift sent on behalf of your company!

AI-powered referral rewards

Generic referral rewards are a relic of affiliate marketing. Reward your existing clients for submitting referrals by seamlessly sending them a targeted gift recommended by Wishful AI.